Telestream Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro HD

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Flip4Mac WMV Studio Pro HD from Telestream is a plug-in for Apple Computers that adds Windows Media compatibility and functionality to QuickTime Player and QuickTime Pro, Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express HD, and the Safari web browser. This software enables you to import, export, and play Windows Media video and audio on a Macintosh. You will also be able to import these files for editing in Final Cut, and export high definition Windows Media files, or convert the files into other formats.

This is a great product if you require the ability to export video projects from an Apple Computer to be shared with the Windows world, which is an absolute necessity for anyone who is serious about video production. WMV Studio Pro HD is the most powerful version of the Flip4Mac software available. You can create custom encoding properties (select the type of bit rate, choose one or two pass encoding), select the frame size and frames per second, and export in the increasingly in-demand high definition formats.

Ultimate toolset for the video professional
Import plus high definition, 2-pass encoding
Perfect addition for Final Cut Pro and Compressor 3
Play Windows Media Video 7, 8, 9, 9 Advanced (VC-1) SD & HD
Play Windows Media Audio 7, 8, 9 including Professional and Lossless
Safari plug-in support: file HTTP, MMS-HTTP
Import WMV 7, 8, 9 files for editing
Import WMV 7, 8, 9 files for conversion to other QuickTime formats
Export WMV files using fixed preset encoding profiles
Create Microsoft Silverlight applications for the web
Create custom encoding profiles
Export Standard Definition: 1-pass, CBR & VBR bit rates, up to 48 kHz audio sample rates
Export High Definition, 1-pass, 2-pass WMV 9, WMV 9 Advanced (VC-1)
Export Enhanced Audio: WMA 9 Professional and Lossless, up to 96 kHz audio sample rates