Broadcast 17 Prompter

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The Broadcast 15/17 utilizes a 15”/17" color SVGA LCD display for large, bright images that can be read from up to 20 feet away. The high quality LCD can also be used as an extra desktop display when you’re not using it for teleprompting. It is designed for full size BetaSP, Digital Beta, DVCAM or film cameras. It’s flexible design also allows it to be used with the popular single and 3 chip minidv and HD cameras with the optional riser block. The mirror frame slides quickly onto the mount and the LCD display attaches to the teleprompter mount with a single thumbscrew for fast setup and breakdown. Our standard glass beamsplitter is our exclusive Ultra-Clear low-impurity glass developed for HD shooting. The optional patent pending acrylic mirror assembly is unbreakable.

Key Features
- Includes FREE PC software
- Bright 15" or 17"color LCD SVGA display
- Supports cameras up to 40lbs
- Can control scrolling speed wirelessly
- Use with film, full size Beta SP, DigiBeta,    DVCAM, single or 3-chip minidv cameras
- Only 14 lbs including monitor
- Use LCD as extra desktop monitor
- High quality computer machined aluminum
- Patent pending optic system
- Ultra-Clear Glass Beamsplitter now standard!