NewTek TriCaster 40

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The NewTek TriCaster 40 is an all-in-one live production switcher, streaming system, and recorder that costs much less than its higher-model TriCaster relatives. 

Like most of its relatives, TriCaster 40 streams to the Web, records program out as MPEG2, and features 4 camera inputs and 14 channels to switch between. So how is it available at a lower price-point? The outstanding reasons are that its connections are analog only and that it doesn't come with a control surface nor a character generator software. Switcher software is included though and comes installed. 

So if component and composite inputs/outputs are enough for your productions, and so are a mouse and keyboard in place of a control surface, then the TriCaster 40 will do everything you need it to. Moreover, it's easy to set up, to use, and to carry, and you can at any future time separately purchase and add a control surface and CG software to it.

Multi-Camera Production and Streaming for Smaller BudgetsProfessional-grade live production doesn't have to cost a fortune. Keeping up with the demands of viewers, and streaming live wherever your audience watches, are now easy to do, and affordable for smaller budgets, too. 

High Performance at a Low Price
You can now create and publish stunning shows in HD, and stream live at the same time, even on a tight budget 

Quick to Set Up and Easy to Use
Set up your entire real-time production easily, in minutes; plug in, add cameras and start creating 

Cart-and-Carry Portability
Gain a huge advantage with full mobile capability in a small package--from room-to-room, to studio and on the road again--get there first, faster 

Bigger and Better-Looking Shows
Don't compromise your brand for low-quality productions; shows look polished and professional every time with four live camera inputs, computer sources, built-in effects, transitions, virtual sets, internal clip player, titles and graphics