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3G-SDI I/O with HDMI Monitoring Output for EDIUS
STORM 3G is designed for video professionals who want one solution for both SDI-based editing and tapeless workflows, with the capability to preview their projects on affordable HDMI monitors. Based on the PCI Express form factor, the STORM 3G solution has 3G-SDI inputs and outputs, and an HDMI output for full-resolution, real-time preview monitoring. Embedded 3G-SDI audio provides high-quality audio monitoring. It’s a premium, high-powered solution for multi-format editing with the EDIUS NLE (purchased separately).
Key Features
  • HDMI output for full-resolution, real-time monitoring with 2-channel/8-channel embedded audio
  • HD-SDI output for full-resolution, real-time monitoring with 8-channel embedded audio
  • HD-SDI input, with 8-channel embedded audio
  • Video and audio output stays perfectly in sync for accurate editing and trimming
  • STORM Pro Bay (purchased separately) adds the following:
    • Analog component/S-Video/composite video input (BNC x 3)
    • Analog component/S-Video/composite video output (BNC x 3)
    • Analog balanced 4-channel audio input  (1/4-inch TRS)
    • Analog balanced 4-channel audio output (1/4-inch TRS)
    • Audio monitoring output with volume adjuster (stereo mini jack