BroadFix Slate 1000 Hybrid System

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New Slate V8 Coming

Fluent is already the best workflow software in the industry, and the new Version 8 software will make it even better.  V8 will be a free download.  More on V8

Great Switcher, with the best upgrade path

The Slate 1000 starts with a great hybrid switcher, with the best upgrade path in the industry. It has 4 to 8 live inputs, in HD, SD , analog or combination, which are combined with 1 to 2 channels of clips and 5 channels of graphics. Three to six keyers each include a DVE. The innovative control panel is the most powerful 1 M/E panel in the industry, creating an unprecedented single point of control for all of the power in the live integrated production system. The Slate 1000 can grow as your needs grow, from SD to HD, to more I/O, to 2M/E, and even to 1080p by upgrading to Granite.


With Fluent, the ultimate live production workflow software

Only Slate switchers include Fluent workflow software, which turns the switcher into a powerful integrated production system. The Slate 1000 has an up to 200 hour Fluent clip store with audio, 5 channels of Fluent graphics and Harris Inscriber CG. Its Fluent watch folders streamline the flow of clips and graphics from all over your studio. Its Fluent multi-view provides unprecedented feedback including sources, tally, keys, clips, graphics, file names, counters and clocks. Its Fluent Macros combine switcher moves and specific file recalls. Plus, device control options control cameras, audio mixers and servers. More


Save big on equipment as Slate 1000 systems cost about the same comparable switchers than only switch, without any Fluent workflow tools. Utilize staff more efficiently as even solo operators can create compelling video. Or expand to team use.

Join leading studios in over 70 countries that create live video on Broadcast Pix, including broadcast stations, Internet broadcasts, production trucks, stadiums, staging, corporations, universities, houses of worship and government studios. Enjoy thoughtful and knowledgeable Broadcast Pix technical support. More on support

Slate 1000 Features

Switcher Features Included

● Classic Panel - The control panel has a classic program/preview switcher layout, so switcher operators will feel at home. Panel_Sept04_lr.jpg
● PixButtons - The panel features patented PixButtons, which are buttons with displays built-in that show icons for the device type and even the file name. They change dynamically as you assign sources and keys and fill them with content. You can tell at a glance what is on every source and key. No surprises. The illustration shows 2 cameras, the River clip on clip channel 1, the Mens four clip on channel 2, and Mens doubles on the first channel of CG. pixbuttons_web.jpg
Dynamic PixButtons -
only from Broadcast Pix
● Keyers and DVEs – Three keyers are standard with pristine key edges, and 3 more are optional. Each key has a DVE for up to 3 picture in pictures. The DVEs can be squeezed, flown in, and have borders. Enjoy the exceptional chromakey for green and blue wall sets, as well as luma key support. The chromakeyer gives you control over key softness and spill suppression. keyers_and_dves_web.jpg
Many powerful keys
● Device Controls - The panel has a large bank of device controls built-in, including a bank of PixButtons, 3 knobs, 3-axis joystick and motion controls, so you can utilize the integrated clip and graphic stores, the exceptionally powerful memory system, controlling external devices like cameras, or use them, for switcher operations like setting up a keyer. device_control_1me.jpg
Select the device you
want to control
● Inputs - There are 4 live inputs for cameras and other external sources, with 4 more optional. Each set of 4 can be , HD/SD SDI, SD SDI, or Analog. Models configured with HD inputs can have DVI inputs added as an option. And you do not need nearly as many inputs as conventional switchers, as the clip store, still stores, and CG are integrated inside and do not consume inputs. For even more inputs see the Slate 3000.
● True Multi-Definition - Unlike nearly every other 1 M/E switcher, Slate HD switchers have true multi-definition support, which enables simultaneous mixing of 1080i, 720p and SD. Each input can be set to whatever format you want. For example, input 1 and 2 can be 1080i, input 3 can be 720p and input 4 can be standard definition. Some can be DVI when that option is fitted. On hybrid digital/analog system, input 5 and 6 might be set to analog component, input 7 to analog S (Y/C) and input 8 to analog composite. multi_def_diagram.jpg
True Multi-Def
● Outputs – The Slate 1000 has 4 outputs and another is optional. 1 matches the format of the inputs (HD, SD or Analog), 2 are SD SDI and 1 is analog component, S or composite. The fifth output matches the format of optional inputs 5 through 8 (HD, SD or analog). Models configured with HD outputs can have DVI outputs added as an option. For even more outputs see the Slate 3000.
AutoAspect - Slate features simultaneous I/O of 16:9 and 4:3, without stretching content. For example, when creating in 16:9, you can bring in 4:3 cameras and add side pillars to them, rather then stretching their video and make everyone on those cameras look too wide. HD models can also simultaneously output both 16:9 and 4:3 versions of the same program. More output_16.9_and_4.3.jpg
Output 16:9 and 4:3
● Non-Stop - Slate 1000 provides non-stop on-air reliability. Its switching and layering “heavy lifting” is done on Broadcast Pix Slate hardware boards, inside the Broadcast Pix workstation, so as not to burden the system. If the workstation should ever stop, or even be unplugged, a camera still stays on-air. And unlike conventional switchers, every Slate 1000 system has a redundant control panel in software. So if you were to accidently spill a Coke on you physical panel in the middle of a show and it stopped, you can keep going on your SoftPanel. And you can order redundant power supplies for both the system and panel. For even more redundancy see the Slate 3000. slate_hardware_boards.jpg
Slate Hardware Boards

Fluent Features Included

● Fluent Clip Store - Holds up to 50 hours of HD or SD clips, and expandable to 200 hours. Formats include HD ProRes or H.264, and SD DV, DVCPRO or H.264. Clips can have audio, and audio is output from the system with analog stereo XLR cables. The clips can be selected from the control panel, and show on the multi-view. Clips can be set to auto-start on transition, so no more careful cuing. Clips can have a key channel. The clip store can also hold animations that it creates from a sequence of Targa files created on a wide variety of systems or on the internal CG. Clips can have a key channel. Or record uncompressed clips into the clip store to play out during a production. More pixpad_slate1000_web.jpg
● Fluent Graphics - Holds thousands of Stills in 5 channels of graphic stores, each with video and key. Accepts HD and SD .tga, .jpg, .png and .bmp files. Also includes an integrated Harris Inscriber CG (Character Generator) which creates stunning broadcast quality titles. You can also create graphic elements in Photoshop and bring them into the CG to add titles, or export complete graphics directly into a graphics store. CG titles can also be edited live on air. Like the clip store, the graphics stores have extensive controls built-into the panel and feedback on the multi-view. More inscriber_cg_web.jpg
● Fluent Watch-folders – Unlike conventional switchers that take only video inputs, Slate systems can input video and files. This greatly streamlines live production workflow, by enabling clips and graphics to be sent over a network from your favorite editing or graphics systems. For example, you might have one Watch-Folder for the 6 o’clock news program, and one for the 9 o’clock. Editors simply send the content over a network into the correct Watch-Folder and it is automatically added to that show, even late breaking news that comes in during a news cast. More fluent_wf_details_web.jpg
Fluent Watch-Folders
Fluent Multi-View – Like conventional multi-Views, Slate displays windows for program, preview and sources, with tally. But Fluent Multi-view provides workflow tools that are way beyond conventional multi-views, to provide you with unprecedented feedback. More

File-based workflow tools feature: libraries of clips and graphics, with thumbnails, file-names and properties like whether clips are set to auto-start or loop. Clip counters show clip time-code and progress bars. Status of incoming files coming into Fluent watch-folders is shown as well.

Other unique features to enhance workflow. Only a Fluent Multi-View shows Key source windows, and they also list attributes such as whether a DVE, crop or reposition is applied to the key. There safe zones displayed on preview and program. And you can customize a layout, by resizing and aligning each window. Dual monitor support is standard using DVI ouputs and VGA adapters. You can have independent multi-view layouts on each monitor. As an option you can expand to four monitors.
Fluent Macros – Slate is the only switcher that recalls a sequence of switcher moves and specific clip and graphic files. You can even include camera positions in a Macro as well. For example, with one press you can select a camera on preview, change its preset position, bring it to air, fade on its specific title from the CG store, and fade off the title. Or use a macro to create an animated transition using your logo, and add even add sound effects. The intuitive GUI makes it easy to create, edit and play macros. Or you can execute Macros directly from the control panel. More macro-editor-web.gif
SoftPanels – Why Slate is the ultimate “one-man band”, it gracefully expands to team use for more demanding live production where you might want a team. You can add graphics operator just by giving them the keyboard and mouse and a monitor, while the switcher operator uses the panel and another monitor. Or network in a PC on which you open a SoftPanel. Or download a free iPixPad from the Apple store and put it control Slate from an iPhone or iPod Touch, available now for download!  More team_control_web.jpg


Switcher Options

● Inputs 5 through 8, HD/SD-SDI, and adds 1 HD/SD output
● Inputs 5 through 8, SD-SDI, and adds 1 SD output
● Inputs 5 through 8, analog S, composite and YUV, + 1 analog output
● DVI & VGA I/O on HD models More

● Key 4,5,6 – and adds support for an external video and key input
● PowerAux – add keys to the aux output
● Additional Advanced Keys – includes more chromakeys
● Tally box
Slate I/O Boards
● Redundant power for control panel
● Recovery system with back-up system drive and auto-back-up
● Premium workstation: recovery system, redundant power and
rack rails

● Upgrade to Slate 3000 for more I/O and redundancy
● Upgrade to Slate 5000 for a second M/E and larger panel
● Upgrade to Granite for 3Gb/s 1080p

Fluent Options

● Fluent Clip Store Second channel of clip store
● Fluent Clip Store More clip storage (to 1 Terabyte)
● Fluent Clip Store More removable media drives in trays

● Fluent Graphics Another Harris Inscriber CG license for a PC
● Fluent Graphics CG Connect, connects CG to a database More
● Fluent Multi-View Increase number of monitors from 2 to 4  

● SoftPanel                 Another 1 M/E SoftPanel
●2 M/E SoftPanel       For Slate 5000 power 
● iPixPad                    Free iPhone or iPod Touch app
Quad Multi-View


Device Control Options

● Camera Control        Panasonic More
● Camera Control        Sony More
● Camera Control        Telemetrics More
● Camera Control        Hitachi More

● Audio Control           Audio follow video More

● Streamer Control        Control of ViewCast streamers

● Server Control         VDCP control for 360 system,
Harris Nexio or Omneon servers

Service Options

● Extended warranty Additional year of parts and labor warranty
● Training On site training, purchased by day
● Commissioning One day of system commissioning



● Internal video processing is pristine 10-bit digital
● Analog conversion is 10-bit
● Inputs can be synchronous and/or asynchronous sources
● NTSC or PAL switchable;
● 16:9 or 4:3 switchable, and AutoAspect to use both at once


● Audio for clip stores: embedded SMPTE 272M, plus break-out to XLRs for balanced analog stereo input and outputs

Control Panel Dimensions

table-top or drops into console
inches 8.5 x 12.5 x 5.5 centimeters 47 x 32 x 14 

Rack Mounted Workstation

inches 16.75 x 20 x 7
centimeters 43 x 51 x 18

- 16x16 1RU
inches 17.375 x 1.625 x 5.25
weight 4.6 lbs

- 32x32 2RU
inches 17.5 x 3.375 x 5.25
weight 7.2 lbs