BroadFix Slate 2100 Hybrid System

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Broadcast Pix Slate 2100 is an enhanced version of the Slate 1000, primarily for hybrid SD and analog studios, which provides more inputs, more outputs and more redundancy thanks to an integrated iBoB. The Slate 2100 includes all of the Fluent workflow tools as in the Slate 1000, plus it’s Fluent clip store is dual channel. Compare with other Slate models

The Slate 2100’s enhancements over the Slate 1000 are described below. For more information all of the other features of the on the Slate 2100 see the Slate 1000 .


Slate 2100 includes an iBob

The primary difference between a Slate 2100 and a Slate 1000, is that the Slate 2100 includes an intelligent break-out-box (iBoB) which contains an integrated router and analog conversion. If you would like an integrated HD router, see the Slate 3000 .  

Added Features beyond those on the Slate 1000

In addition to all the switcher features of the Slate 1000, the Slate 2100 also has:

● Analog and digital I/O - Slate 2100 has 8 SDI inputs for cameras and other external sources, of which 4 have built-in converters from analog. Like the 1000, the 2100 also has many integrated clip and graphic stores which do not consume these external inputs.

● Expandable to 12 live inputs - 4 more inputs can be added as an option with an additional Slate I/O board. These can be HD/SD, SD only or analog.

● Another keyer downstream - In addition to the 3 standard keyers in Slate, and 3 more optional ones, the 2100 adds another down stream keyer in the iBoB.

● Two more aux outputs – The iBoB has 2 additional external auxilary outputs, which can have be fed program, preview, (beofre or after the DSK) , or any camera that enters the iBoB.

● Integrated Tally - the Slate 1000 requires an optional box for tally. Tally is built into the iBoB.

● More Redundancy - Slate 2100 provides even more redundancies than the Slate 1000 for non-stop on-air reliability, thanks its integrated router in its iBoB. A redundant control system enables the panel to keep switching even if the workstation ever stops, or is even unplugged. You can still preview cameras and take them to air.

Slate 2100 models also include as standard equipment redundant power for the control panel and the iBoB.

The Slate 2100 also has the redundancies of the Slate 1000. Its switching and layering “heavy lifting” is done on Broadcast Pix hardware boards, inside the Broadcast Pix workstation, so as not to burden the system. Unlike conventional switchers, every Slate 5000 system has a redundant control panel in software. So if you were to accidently spill a Coke on you physical panel in the middle of a show and it stopped, you can keep going on your SoftPanel.
Multiple redundancies
for non-stop on-air
Fluent Clips enhanced with Dual Channels - The second channel of clips in standard on all Slate 2100 models, and optional on the Slate 1000. In addition to providing two channels clips, this also doubles the capacity of the clip store to 500GB, which enables it to hold up to 100 hours of clips.



● Internal video processing is pristine 10-bit digital
● Analog conversion is 10-bit
● Inputs can be synchronous and/or asynchronous sources
● NTSC or PAL switchable;
● 16:9 or 4:3 switchable, and AutoAspect to use both at once


● Audio for clip stores: embedded SMPTE 272M, plus break-out to XLRs for analog stereo or AES/EBU digital input and outputs


Control Panel Dimensions

table-top or drops into console
inches 15.5 x 31 x 8 
centimeters 39 x 79 x20  

Rack Mounted Workstation

inches 16.75 x 20 x 7
centimeters 43 x 51 x 18

iBoB Dimensions

rank units 6
inches 19 x 10.5 x 3
centimeters 48 x 27 x 8