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  • 64-bit NAS tuned for speed
  • Dual-core or Quad-core, dual AMD 64-bit Opteron CPUs
  • 64-bit Linux based system software
  • XFS support
  • Hot-swappable SATA II hard disk drives
  • Web GUI for system and disk management
  • User access and storage space management, re-sizing and password protection
  • Interoperable with MS Windows XP/NT, Apple Mac OS, Unix/ Linux clients
  • Up to 16 GB of ecc/registered cache
  • System status warning (email/messaging)
  • Hard disk failure prediction
  • RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 & 10 configurable
  • RAID 6 option for better data protection & no degradation of performance during the rebuild with 200+MBps sustained throughput
  • Intelligent workspace to physical storage partition mapping/ user access right mapping per workspace & Intelligent Connection Manager for user access
  • Fault-tolerant implementation (ECC/Reg DDR, hot plug fans, and redundant hot-plug power supplies.)

eStorPerformance Throughput*IOPs*CapacityTarget Markets
E4000 (2U, 3U) Multi-Core/Dual CPU x86150-300 Mbytes/s (RAID 5/6)40-75K16-32TBData and video sharing and archive file and e-mail backup, broadcast, SD/HD media, graphics, medical imaging, & digital library. Lower cost.
E4000 (4U) Multi-Core/Dual CPU x86300-400 Mbytes/s (RAID 5/6)85K48-72TBData centers, computer clusters, render farms, animations, graphics, & special effects storage, tapeless archive, MAM library management


10Gb Ethernet CX4 copper interface 6+ Gigabit Ethernet ports Backup & virus control software Redundant power supply on 2U