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  • Collaborative editing & post production eco-system
  • Centralized data management & protection
  • User access management
  • Real-time collaborative editing for Avid Xpress, Adrenaline and Nitris; Apple Final Cut Pro; Adobe Premiere; Grass Valley/ Canopus Edius; Sony Vegas and Harris Velocity
  • Supports DVC Pro HD 100/50, ProRes422, DV25/50, DNxHD, QuickTime, AVI, mpeg2 and mpeg4, up to 25 streams (or equivalent) of DVC ProHD 100 or 50+ DV25 for a single unit
  • Supports heterogeneous platforms including Windows, Mac OS and Linux/Unix, simultaneously
  • Clustering support option for 100+TB collaborative environment with 100 DVC ProHD streams for media and project sharing
  • Instant local original format search and playback
  • Redundant power supplies, hot swappable fans and hard drives
  • Protected and resilient OS systems
  • All front-loaded hard drives (including OS), no opening box for drive change
  • Integrated management software for disks, users, and storage management
  • Automatic email for disk status
  • Local or remote web browser based management
  • Browser based user GUI for system and resource management access
  • IP based access from anywhere in the world to the system
  • Hot Swappable RAID storage to assure continuous operations
  • Compatible with other Apace Systems workflow software such as media asset management, data migration, Data back up and archive tools, etc.
  • Advanced built in airflow management assuring system longevity at room temperature without need for specialized infrastructure cooling

P/N# of video streams per workgroupDescription
V4000-2U16T24 DV25/HDV,
12 DVCPRO50,
3 DNxHD or ProRes 422/145,
2 DnxHD or ProRes 422/220
V4000 series: 2U rack-mount, 16TB Raw Capacity, 8x2TB hot swappable HDDs, Quad GE, Raid-5, redundant power supply
V4000-3U16T/32T48 DV25/HDV,
24 DVC-PRO-50, 
8 Prores or DNxHD 145, or
6 ProRes or DNxHD 220
V4000 series: 3U rack-mount, 16TB/32TB Raw Capacity 16 hot-swap 1TB/2TB HDDs, RAID 5, redundant power supply, 16T version has Quad GE ports, and 32T version has six GE ports
VM40-3U16T vStor/MAM bundle48 DV25/HDV,
24 DVC-PRO-50,
8 Prores or DNxHD 145, or
6 ProRes or DNxHD 220
VM40-3U16T: vStor v4000 3U rack-mount, 16TB + Apace postMAM  Media asset management 5lic. super-user bundle, unlimited IP channel and user access for playback and commenting available
V4000-4U 24T/48T/72T44 DVCPRO50
15 DNxHD or ProRes 145, or
11 ProRes or DnxHD 220
V4000 series: 4U rack-mount, 24TB/48/72TB Raw Capacity 24 hot-swap 1TB/2TB/3TB HDDs, Dual 10GE SFP+ (SR), RAID 5, redundant power supply. 24TB version has quad GE ports and the 48T/72T version have eight GE ports.
V4000-3U 16T1S/24T1S46 DVCPRO-50, 
16 ProRes or DNxHD 145, or
12 ProRes or DnxHD 220
V4000 SSD/HDD series: 3U rack-mount 16TB/24TB Raw HDD & 1TB Raw SSD, 8 x 2TB/3TB HDD Raid-5, 8 x 128GB SSD Raid-0. 16 Hot swappable drives, redundant p/s, Quad GE ports, Dual 10GE SFP+(SR). Included FileManager (FM-s) for within system
V4000-4U24T2S/24T4S66 DVCPRO50,
22 ProRes or DNxHD 145, or
18 ProRes or DnxHD 220

V4000 SSD/HDD series: 4U rack-mount, 24 Hot swappable drives, redundant p/s, Included FileManager (FM-s) for within system.

V4000-4U24T/2S 24TB raw HDD, 8 x 3TB HDD, 21TB net usable Raid-5, 2TB raw SSD via 16 x 128GB SSD Raid-0, has eight GE, Dual 10GE SFP+

V4000-4U24T/4S 24TB raw HDD, 8 x 3TB HDD, 21TB net usable Raid-5, 4TB raw SSD via 16 x 256GB SSD Raid-0, has four GE, Quad 10GE SFP+


  • * 10Gb Ethernet CX4 copper/SFP+ interface
  • * Extra Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • * Redundant power supply