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Apace XSAN Offload
Mirror, Archive & Workflow Resilience ......Making Unity better

Workflow resilience
Data protection in high-speed RAID 6
Ubiquitous content access via Ethernet
Real-time collaboration editing environment for DNxHD & DVCPRO HD

Apace XSAN offload is a complementary storage system solution for Apple XSAN workflows. XSAN offload Hardware/Software suite offers four core media workflow enhancement features:

1) Automatic disk-to-disk backup/mirror and incremental archival workflow with instant restore
2) Real-Time editing and playback for Apple XSAN workgroups
3) Managed network storage consolidation for Apple and non-Apple workflows
4) Expanding access to content from any LAN/WAN IP-based client node.

XSAN offload platform acts as a proxy to Apple XSAN primary storage as well as a secondary archive platform via its performance RAID-6/5 storage offering automated backup, instant restore, alternate work-flow during XSAN downtime, and multiple systems real-time editing directly off of the system, while offer-ing advanced parallel paths of access to its networked storage platform.

XSAN Offload benefits: Workflow Resilience, Content Protection, Data Management & Movement, and Work-flow Productivity. XSAN offload makes post-production more productive and your valuable asset safer!

Workflow Resilience
is designed to serve as an alternative workflow independent from XSAN. Editors can work off the system individually and/or in a shared collaboration fashion. It supports multiple streams of DVCPro HD, ProRes 422 and DNxHD 145. XSAN offload provides a heterogeneous architecture and Ethernet based connectivity to sustain users work, while XSAN system(s) is down or its storage is being rebuilt. Once XSAN is backed up online, the users can immediately go back to their previous workspace. While XSAN is Down, Editors can continue editing from XSAN Offload unit.

Content Protection is packaged in a high density 4U rackmount chassis with up to 24TB of RAID 6 stor-age. It has redundant hot-swap drives, fans and power supplies and is built with quality enterprise com-ponents for 24/7/365 usage. The architecture and implementation are field-proven and have been de-ployed through hundreds installations worldwide and with years of real world use in broadcast environ-ment. Raid-6 data protection assures recovery from two simultaneous disk failures and no reduction in system response time during normal rebuild. The key benefit of the workflow is to guarantee recovery from any XSAN metadata server data corruption/failure and/or XserveRAID failure. The solution offers a mirror copy and incrementally backed up version of all user data on XSAN assuring complete content pro-tection and parallel access over existing GE IP networks.

• Automatic backup of XSAN workspaces to RAID-6/5 IP based Network Storage
• One click to restore your workspace(s)
• Instant work resumption after XSAN is back online from maintenance or rebuild.
• XSAN Down Mode provides an alternative emergency editing/ playback workflow during XSAN down
• Access and work do not depend on XSAN nor its FC connectivity
• Editors can immediately continue and collaborate via direct expanding Ethernet access to XSAN work-groups heterogeneous architecture and diversified connectivity support an end-to-end workflow resilience
• XSAN Peeker allows a system admin. to peek and monitor multiple XSAN systems via single GUI
• Offering file and text search capability
• Facilities for data movement, cleaning and system monitoring
• Simple browser-based GUI for convenient local and remote access, management, collaboration and work-flow setup
• Working with multiple XSAN systems simultaneously
• SAN Bridge. Workspace migration and sync between multiple XSAN and/or other SAN systems
• Cluster support. Multiple XOL systems can be clustered together with single overview of all the chassis and moving project/ workspace between them easily

Cluster & Data Movement is designed via an advanced Web based GUI for management of all aspects of large scale data migration and system monitoring being accessed from the same control panel, for a single chassis or multiple chassis. The goal of the integrated software tools is to easily access XSAN pri-mary storage via tools such as XSAN Peeker, allowing intelligent decision making on what content to mi-grate or retrieve. Specifically, workflow allows for automated and intelligent bi-directional movement of the content from XSAN primary storage to the disk based archival storage and back for millions of files & terabytes of data quickly & efficiently without impact on your on-going work or concern of data integrity. Users can protect their content with mirrored RAID 5 or 6, have Ethernet accessibility, and en-joy instant workspace recovery.

Workflow Productivity is enhanced via complete integration of hardware and software tools to seamlessly address entire mirrored workspaces to single file level granular content migration options and enhanced collaboration. By offering cost effective disk based copy of content that is automatically synching Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) and MXF file databases. Also, users have the option to leverage from this digital library to expand access to the rest of the operations workflows from graphics workgroups to trans-coding stations to non-XSAN workstations to prepping the data for broadcast purposes. The goal of the XSAN offload is not only to offer archive, but to make the content accessible and usable by the entire organization that may not have direct access to XSAN’s primary storage systems. Also, all content is searchable at directory, file and text level.

Managed Parallel Ingest Workflow  is an advanced ingest methodology to ingest multiple low to high bit rate streams up to uncompressed HD and beyond directly into XSAN off-load storage. This approach offers scalable ingest process as well as assures successful ingest especially for high bit rate workflows. Once, the information is ingested into the XSAN offload system, it can be saved as well as transported to XSAN primary storage when needed acting as a primary or secondary ingest path.

Advanced Storage Monitoring and Access is a collection of advanced built in features in XSAN offload to overcome any Apple OS limitations in aggregate storage capacity recognition as well as assist in better scalable storage consolation and management from single web based GUI based from anywhere in the world!


Note:  Apple XSAN and other product names are trademarks of corresponding companies.  Apace is not an affiliation of the companies listed.