Apace Rendering Server

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Animation Rendering Graphics Game Development

Apace CP2000-3U2.0G

Apace Systems CP 2000 Cluster Server series is one of the highest performance enterprise class server solutions on the market. The product is based on the latest Linux 64 technology offering end-to-end 64 bit architecture in a Quad AMD Opteron CPU configuration. Offering 16GB of solid state cache memory and switch based I/O bus architecture supporting Hyper Transport, PCI Express and PCIx bus options, it assures adherence to open standards as well as unprecedented computational and I/O power. The 3U rackmount configuration comprises of an enterprise class built, offering 3 hot swappable 500GB s-ATAII drives with RAID1 mirrored OS protection for two system drives and one spare data drive with additional spare bays for future expansion. This platform is ideal for enterprise computing or high performance computing requiring 4-5 full size expansion cards, which cannot be supported in smaller platforms. Four 5.25" bays allow used to upgrade with hot swap canisters for fault-tolerant data storage. All Drive and redundant power supply are hot swappable and offer electrical resiliency needed for continuous operations. As a building block of a computer cluster, the unit offered interconnectivity through Multi Gigabit Ethernet ports. CP2000 offers Linux interoperability with a multitude of applications and can be expanded with additional peripherals and application software.

- Quad dual-core Opterons (8 CPUs)

- Up to 32GB ecc/reg RAM

- 10GbE/cx4 Ethernet

- Mirrored 64-bit Linux OS

- Redundant power supply

- SuperCool cooling



  • 3U Rackmount
  • Three Hot swappable Drive Bays with three 500G s-ATAII drives 7200RPM included
  • On board RAID 0/1 Access for OS
  • Redundant Power Supply: 750W 2+1 hot-swap redundant PFC, 800W EPS-12V PFC
  • Motherboard support for three PCI-x and Two PCI-e x16 slots.
  • Quad 2.0GHz AMD Dual core Opteron 870 installed
  • 16GB PC3200 DDR ECC Registered Cache Memory included,
  • DVD+/- R/W included
  • OS Fedroa Linux 64 Installed
  • 2GE Ports Standard, 10GbE cx4 optional.
  • Sliding Rail included
  • USB2.0 included
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): mm: 482.6 x 660.4 x 133.35 or inches: 19 x 26 x 5.25
  • Supercool,  4 x 80 x 32mm ball-bearing hot-plug fans
  • Materials: Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel
  • Indicators:  Power, LAN and HDD LED’s